Day two of my lovely wordpress

Look how fresh and clean it is. And dull.

I’m not sure what I’m doing, just want to get a few more pages on here. Let me tell you about the books I bought yesterday:

The Mother’s Group by Fiona Higgins. I think this one is going to surprise me and I like that. Not your average mummy-lit I don’t think.

The Lighthouse by Alison Moore. Ever since this was short-listed for the 2012 Man Booker my radar pricked up, not least because it’s from an independent publisher. There’s something about lighthouses.

There Should Be More Dancing by Rosalie Ham. I’ve read two of Ham’s books –
The Dressmaker and Summer at Mt Hope and particularly enjoyed the latter.

Lola Bensky by Lily Brett. I have a decent collection of Brett’s oeuvre. I like her writing so much and am excited to have her latest novel in my possession.

N-W by Zadie Smith. I have to confess while I have two of her books (On Beauty and White Teeth) I’ve finished neither, and barely even tried On Beauty. I love her essays and articles, enjoy her intellectualism, and really want to love her writing but there’s something that impedes me. Maybe I just need to persist a little.

The next thing is to work out how to get images into this page. And what I’d really love is some sort of widget that sits on the side and is a virtual bookshelf – where you can put books that you’re reading and it’s a pictorial representation. I wonder if anyone has come up with something like that. If not, they should.

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