Missed a few days

So, yesterday I did [another] writing workshop. This one was more to meet people than to learn, though I did learn some things so that was a bonus. The workshop was run by Rebecca Starford from Affirm Press/Kill Your Darlings and Jon Bauer, who wrote Rocks in the Belly. I took my copy of Rocks along, like all good (slightly stalky) fangirls, and got it signed.* I took lots of notes during the day and had some chats with nice people. Rebecca and Jon were both so personable and warm and friendly and open – there was none of that ‘oh I’m important, back off’ feeling, and we all went for a drink in the madly hipster Fitzroy Pub The Napier afterwards. I didn’t tell anyone at the group that I went there for a drink in my belly-dancing costume** after dancing in the Brunswick St Festival in about, oh, 1995. Nor that I would have been there several times before that in my younger years. But weren’t we all?

These writing courses can be a waste of time and money for sure. But not this one. I recommend it plus the good thing is they are planning more, and even long, intensive ones which I find very helpful for momentum.

AND ALSO MS ASSESSMENTS so I’ve filed that one away, oh yes.

* I hope I wasn’t too creepy. Writers like that, don’t they?

** Before you get too excited, there was no actual belly flesh: I had a leotard – remember those? – with a black mesh stomach section. Very flattering I have to say. We weren’t tacky cabaret dancers; we were more grungy, earthy hippy ones.

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