Writing & 2013

Last night, my writing group met at Walter’s Wine Bar (try the coq au vin. Delish.) to finish off the year. We discussed some things we want to do for next year, our goals if you will:

1. We all committed to a stated number of hours we will put in on our writing per week. We have heard that 10,000 hours is the amount of time needed to become masterful at anything, whether it be plumbing or writing. Not sure whether this is true but it is good to have a number. For me, this will mean not looking at Internet stuff until after I’ve put in some good hours on my writing projects.

2. We came up with ideas on how to make our group run more smoothly, including choosing a neutral venue and work-shopping before dinner. That way people can stay to eat and socialise, or leave as they will.

3. We decided that everyone needs to do the work, ie the reading for the month and if they can’t make the meeting, they have to send through their feedback by the meeting date to everyone in the group.

4. We are thinking it would be good to have one more person. Currently we have four people, a fifth would be good. SO, have emailed a potential. Fingers crossed.

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