What publishers want

Australian literary agent Virginia Lloyd recently visited Sydney (Virginia lives in Brooklyn) to have a series of meetings with agents to find out: what they want more of and what they are sick of reading or not interested in. In short: helpful information for writers wanting to get published.

There are no huge surprises – things are tough, non-fiction & memoir is the bomb – but as Virginia describes the situation in the publishing world in Australia, you can get an insight into several things that as a writer, you should be aware of.

Read the other posts on her blog as well – there’s some really important information, particularly a post on being a submission floozy (my words, NOT hers) and how putting your work everywhere about can limit things down the track if you are lucky enough for an agent to be interested in representing your work. Especially tricky are those slush-piles dressed up as ‘submission opportunities’ AKA Friday Pitch, MS Monday, Monthly Something-or-rather.

Anyway, over to Virginia Lloyd.

2 thoughts on “What publishers want

  1. Hi Dianne thanks for your comment. There’s lots of good & useful snippets on Virginia’s blog if you fossick around. Some of the links don’t work but you can generally find the posts if you use the ‘older posts’ button (from memory!)

    Thanks for reading.

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