January over, what does Feb have in store?

Disclaimer: this is a meandering post and it's really quite self-absorbed. You have been warned. Last night on twitter I saw someone write: A writer is someone who has agreed to do homework every night for the rest of their lives. This stuck with me, because it does seem as if I am constantly 'doing [...]


First plot point, mid-point, second plot point. Etc.

I'm doing a bit of reading about screenwriting and how a person might apply structural and plotting strategies to novel writing. I've ordered a book about 'story engineering' because I want to learn how to be able to make conscious decisions about plot and structure while not losing my instinctive organic processes with characterisation and [...]

Life of Pi

Quite an extraordinary movie even if only for the visuals (especially the realism of the tiger; how he swam accurately, how his facial expressions shifted, how his eye colour changed as he became deteriorated — his coat thinning, nose drying out and becoming pink and his form becoming emaciated). It made me want to re-read the book, to [...]