This is an interesting article.

I read this article via twitter not five minutes AFTER I’d sent off my revised thing to an agent… There’s more stuff on this (different) lit agent’s blog which looks like it deserves exploring. I’m in an in-between place, where I haven’t been offered representation in a formal, overt way yet the agent is interested. It’s a feeling-my-way sensation, as if I have a blindfold on.

Sending it off made me feel a little sick but yunno, ya gotta just push on. I realised that I didn’t feel in a hurry to send it, even though it was ready. I just wanted to do ‘one more read through’ but my delaying it was psychological.

So, what am I doing today?

– MYOB for the business
– tidying study
– doing dishes
– feeling sick
– being distracted
– possibly seeing Life of Pi tonight.

I really need another word for ‘interesting’: I use it too much.

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