Now with blogroll

I've copied across many of my writerly links from my personal blog so that I can have them stored here because this is the space I'm shaping into the writing thing, the other blog is just personal blah blah stuff. There are a lot of helpful links to the left-hand side (in terms of writing [...]

Who are you?

I was looking at the CAL website today and almost joined but then thought I should wait and get some advice about it. But I got up to the 'select your title' bit. It is a drop-down menu and I don't think I've ever seen so many choices. I so desperately want to be a [...]

GIRLS update

Sorry I am a bit obsessed at the moment. It seems the most recent episode of GIRLS has got people in lathers all over the world. The problem seems to be this: how could someone who looks like this: possibly seduce and spend two days with someone who looks like this: There's all sorts of [...]