I failed statistics: 1982, 1st year Arts Degree

It was 1982 and I was doing Arts at Melbourne Uni, straight out of school. My subjects were History of Revolutions, English, Psychology and Politics. When it came to the end of year exams, I turned up at the Exhibition Buildings for my statistics exam (part of psychology) without my calculator. I tried to do standard deviation using long division. I failed the exam but got a faculty pass, and deferred and never went back anyway.

BUT the segue here is that I’ve never been that good at, or interested in, statistics. With my personal blog that’s now in its 8TH year, I never really looked at the stats page, but then about 3 months ago I read something somewhere about how if you get (I think it was 8K page-views) a month, that’s pretty good. So I checked mine and saw it was averaging 6K page-views per month. Not bad. Now I can see it’s up to 9K per month and I wonder what’s happened in the last three months. Sure, I did mention Eminem and there has been an increase in bot-comments, left like spoor scattered through my blog. But I think also there might have been more traffic because it’s linked from here. I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m considering installing some sort of better-traffic-tracker on my blog (sounds impressive, it’s not. I can manage a tiny amount of code insertion to the HTML but nothing much beyond that) so that I can compare across years; that would be kind of fun.

This WP site is new, only about four months old. The blogger one like I say is 7.5 years old. Here are some statistical comparisons, it’s quite cute:


44 posts
Page-views in
January: 432 views from 242 visitors
Total views since inception: 832


809 posts [124 in draft, 685 published]
Page-views in January: 8,959
Total views since inception: 62,602

I know this stuff is meant to be important and maybe it would excite someone, but not me I’m afraid.

4 thoughts on “I failed statistics: 1982, 1st year Arts Degree

  1. PS I’m not sure about the new font, would appreciate any feedback. Am wanting a serif font, but somehow I wonder whether the other one (which was kind of Calibri’ish) was clearer.

  2. I love the font, Jenny. It’s bigger than the usual and really easy to read. I find bloggers who use dark pages and smaller font a real challenge. I guess this is what it’s all about – the easier the page is to read, the more people will read it.

    I’m completely tech-illiterate, so I don’t even know what a ‘better-traffic-tracker’ is. Sorry I can’t help you here…

  3. Haven’t used stat-counter, I’ve installed nothing extra just look at the built-in gadgets. Will check out. And thanks Dianne, for that feedback on the font. Am playing around, trying to make things clearer and easier. How’s your RUC coming? Still coming? Looking forward to checking it out on your blog, I don’t always comment but I always read you!

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