So I’m sleeping very well

Which is a little strange, I thought I’d be unsettled.

Tonight, I caught up on the last two eps of GIRLS. I’d seen a couple of comments on twitter from Bret Easton Ellis and this is what he said:

Bret Easton Ellis@BretEastonEllis
GIRLS: the almost unbearable pathos and honesty of the last two episodes makes everything else on TV seem like something we need to forget.

And this:

Bret Easton Ellis@BretEastonEllis
GIRLS: whether the Lena Dunham/Patrick Wilson hookup is “fiction” “wish-fulfillment” or “unrealistic” does not matter. It breaks new ground.

I think he’s right. I think it is ground-breaking and compelling, but I think people either love it or hate it, depending on their own ‘baggage’ and feelings about themselves and their own relationships, whatever age they are. It cuts pretty close to the bone, that’s for sure.

6 thoughts on “So I’m sleeping very well

  1. Hi Dianne, it’s certainly something I find very interesting and compelling. I will want to re-watch (w/ subtitles when it comes out on DVD) because I feel I’m missing quite a bit. I love it, especially the last two episodes. You see stuff on this show, and hear dialogue and interactions, that you’ve never seen on tv or in movies, ever. It feels ground-breaking and I really hope it captures the attention of some younger teens. I think it could start a lot of great conversations.

  2. Hi Books. Yes I almost unfollowed BEE when he was getting shitty about I think it was Dark Zero 30 & ranting about Kathryn Bigelow, but then he came good and has been really supportive of GIRLS so I agree with you. Haven’t seen Silver Linings but have heard it’s good, so you’d recommend it seems. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hmmmm well I watched the Oscars (taped, natch. Fast-forwarded, even more natch) and I am very taken with Jennifer Lawrence now AND I am going to see Silver Linings this weekend. Looks interesting and I have your recommendation so thank you.

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