GIRLS update

Sorry I am a bit obsessed at the moment. It seems the most recent episode of GIRLS has got people in lathers all over the world. The problem seems to be this: how could someone who looks like this:


possibly seduce and spend two days with someone who looks like this:


There’s all sorts of kerfuffling happening around the world as we speak, and it seems like only a handful of us, including me and BEE, get it. People aren’t used to seeing a character, played by someone who is not conventionally gorgeous, DARE to bare her large, lumpy body on screen, DARE to have sex with someone from the ‘good-looking category’ and dare to say something like she did here:

Joshua: You’re beautiful.

Hannah: You really think so?

Joshua: You don’t?

Hannah: I do. It’s just not always the feedback that I’ve been given.

Here is a good article with internal links to kerfuffling, including a conversation between two men huffing and puffing about how rude Hannah is (daring to ask Joshua what he did to make his wife leave him); how self-centred she is (she says ‘I’m too smart and too sensitive’); how sexually ungenerous (‘No, make me come’) and finally, how defiantly ungraceful she is (she plays topless ping-pong, and her pear-shaped belly, hips and thighs are beautifully and shamelessly on display, along with her small breasts. It’s like her body does defy everything the rest of the world has been trained to see as desirable, she doesn’t even have big boobs!).


And here is the scene where Hannah goes to Joshua’s house to confess to putting rubbish from the coffee shop in his dumpster. If nothing else, I just love her for her showing us something different:

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