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I’ve copied across many of my writerly links from my personal blog so that I can have them stored here because this is the space I’m shaping into the writing thing, the other blog is just personal blah blah stuff. There are a lot of helpful links to the left-hand side (in terms of writing how-to’s. As I learn, I like to collect links and articles and archive them). I also like reading writer blogs, where authors talk about their processes, current projects and other interests, or you find out a little bit more about them, which can be a bit stalky if you admire them and their writing.

Also today I saw this: an invitation to submit to Writer’s Relief as a guest blogger.

Looks like a good opportunity to get some writing in front of 30K readers, and they let you include one URL and one social media link. I’m thinking: if I wrote on something, what it would be. I will let that thought bump around for a bit. This thinking ties in with a course I did on Saturday, the ASA/Hazel Edwards’ Authorpreneurship workshop which is all about ‘the business of creativity.’ Hazel is probably best-known for her There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake series of children’s books, but she has written more than 200 titles. Fiction and non-fiction, children’s, YA and adult. She’s a power-house of energy and very, very inspiring. I came away from the day with new ideas, new information and lots of practical tips on how to be more organised and thoughtful about my writing projects. The workshop was put on by the Australian Society of Authors.

Hazel’s website

I would recommend it for anyone who is serious about self-publishing and will need to learn about distribution and marketing, or indeed someone who has a contract with a traditional publisher and wants to know more about publicity and promotion side of publishing. At one point, Hazel got us to think about what we might have to say, or offer, in terms of information sharing about our book or project or topic. So I am thinking, thinking. As an unpublished writer, it’s a little difficult to imagine that anyone would be interested in what you might have to say, but I think there are stories to be told around the idea of the process or journey of an emerging or aspiring writer. There are so many of us out there, it’s a bit overwhelming at times but it’s easy to find a sense of camaraderie online, if that’s what you’re after. Me, I like more cave than community, it’s how I work best.

6 thoughts on “Now with blogroll

      1. Currently doing a lot of airy-fairy planning and wishing I had more time. Like I need to find time to do some solid writing on the weekend, but it doesn’t seem possible. Solutions to problems must be found. But I’m thinking about it. And I’m doing a lot of planning in my head, which is kind of writing, isn’t it Jenny? More time despairing in front of a blank screen is necessary though. Sounds like your projects are coming along, the main one very nicely indeed.

  1. Planning in the head is not writing but it’s working, definitely. Getting the words on the page – and nothing else – is the actual writing. I know that now. Yes my things are ticking along; the main one, well, we shall see. Hope for news in next few weeks, it’s a s l o w process that’s for sure.

  2. Hope you find something, or things, useful. Blogrolls do seem to be a scarcity on wordpress for some reason. Maybe people can’t be bothered keeping them updated, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a blogger thang.

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