Yes please

I would like to spend a year in Hemingway's attic and write. * Also, I am reading Hilary Mantel's Beyond Black. What a book. Like many others I suspect I tried Wolf Hall. I am just not that into historical fiction. let me try that again: I am not into historical fiction. But this, oh [...]


Overnight successes

Here is an interesting article/interview with The Rosie Project author Graeme Simsion, on how his wildly-successful debut novel came into existence. For what seems like an overnight success, this project was years in the making. It gives those of us working hard at our 'things' hope and reassures us too (or me, anyway) that persistence [...]

Best one-stop (publishing info) shop I think I’ve seen

And that title is probably the worst I've ever seen. Never mind. I was googling around when I found Ian Irvine's website. He's a fantasy author and has most helpfully laid out, in order on one page virtually everything about the writing/publishing process, divided into three sections: Getting There, Surviving Publishing and Coping with Success. [...]