TED Talk 2 – Elizabeth Gilbert

I might not be the only person in the world who didn’t read Eat, Pray, Love. Yes, I poo-poohed it at the time. When I was in Bali on a family holiday in 2011, my sister was reading it. It seemed everyone had been reading it for years. You know that response you have when people say: Oh it’s sooooo good, you have to read it, and you go: Nup?* Well, it was like that for me, partly, but also I had the book pegged as some sort of pathetic woe-is-me-I-need-to-find-myself lightweight crap. And maybe it is, maybe she doesn’t write as well as she speaks BUT you know what? I’m going to  read it now and read it wholeheartedly and with an open mind because after watching this TED talk, by Elizabeth Gilbert, I have respect for her as a writer and as a person who thinks and I feel that I’d like to know more about her.

Watch it, just watch it if you haven’t already.** She talks about creativity and there is one point in the video where I surprised myself by starting to cry and had to turn it off and go and get a tissue. I wonder if you can guess which part?


* Interestingly, I have also been seeing links to TED talks all over the place. I am such a late starter in so many ways. Again, it’s like if I don’t discover something for myself, if someone else tells me I must watch this, or must do that, I push against it and think Nup. I have to change my thinking because I could have been watching these amazing talks for a while now.

** See? Now I’m doing it too.

4 thoughts on “TED Talk 2 – Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. This is absolutely amazing! I love the story about the poet and about Tom Waits. She is certainly one hell of a speaker, and very humble and ‘human’. I didn’t cry, but was very moved when she talked about the dancer.

    I haven’t read Eat, Pray, Love – but I think I will now 😀

  2. Hi Dianne, for me it was the bit about the poet and the poem thundering along the landscape and the poet having to run to get a piece of paper and pencil. It just hit some kind of nerve for me.

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