Not a Review: Most exciting read for a long time


Currently in the second half of May We Be Forgiven by AM Homes.

Have struggled to lose myself in novels lately but this one is good.

That is all.

PS Here’s a link to a recent comment thread at Devoted Eclectic (Elizabeth Lhuede’s blog, who is also the founder of the Australian Women Writers Challenge) on the topic of reviewing books versus responding to them. I’m not a professional reviewer, nor is that what I want to do with my time. But I read, – oh I read, and often I have strong opinions and responses, it’s just that they’re not that articulate.

Does this mean I can’t say what I think? Do I do more damage than good when I say something like: It was good; It was fab OR It wasn’t for moi.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Not a Review: Most exciting read for a long time

  1. I think the more readers tell us what they think of books, the better (regardless of whether it’s a short comment, or a full review). Go for it 😉

  2. Thanks Dianne, sometimes I think I *should* be doing this or that, but if I’m not trying to sell a review somewhere, or do it ‘properly’ then I can do it how I like. Too much pressure for all writing is not good. Keep the pressure for the important stuff I reckon.

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