Overnight successes


Here is an interesting article/interview with The Rosie Project author Graeme Simsion, on how his wildly-successful debut novel came into existence. For what seems like an overnight success, this project was years in the making. It gives those of us working hard at our ‘things’ hope and reassures us too (or me, anyway) that persistence and effort can be rewarded even if it takes years.


I had my writers’ group meeting last night and as always, it was interesting and insightful. For me, it always has to be about the work, the learning and how to make things better. Sharing ideas and resources (one member mentioned a book Alone with All That Could Happen: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom About the Craft of Fiction, by David Jauss and two of us have ordered it this morning) is a really great way of keeping on track with productive and reflective work, critiquing each others’ stuff and feeling less alone (though for me, mostly I like feeling alone, it suits me.)


The Internet is great. I would rank the best things about the Internet as follows:

1. being able to order books online. The Book Depository Co UK is the best, Jerry. The best. I’m sorry to local publishers but would like to say that I buy more than half my books at Readings Malvern and Readings St Kilda.

2. being able to pay bills online instead of at the post office or bank

3. email is wonderful, as is other online social stuff

4. the capacity for research and finding so so much information so so easily

5. not the Internet but COMPUTERS – being able to type quickly. I know some people still like to long-hand their writing, saying that this type of work is mentally and creatively different to typing. For me it’s about speed – the reworking is done at a more leisurely pace later but to get the words on the page quickly is key for me. There’s a real fluency there that I don’t have with writing with a pen.

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