Yes please

I would like to spend a year in Hemingway’s attic and write.



Also, I am reading Hilary Mantel’s Beyond Black. What a book. Like many others I suspect I tried Wolf Hall. I am just not that into historical fiction. let me try that again: I am not into historical fiction.

But this, oh this, it’s about a Sensitive; a woman who travels England and does medium sessions in halls and community centres, receiving information from the dead who clamour at her, to give messages to their alive loved ones. Even dead Royals are in there; ‘Margaret Rose’ and Princess Di and some old man who ‘seems to be a Plantagenet’.

I’m less than 100 pages in but already there is a female sidekick Colette whose story you get something of, the Sensitive herself Alison (Al) and her Spirit guide Morris; a cranky old shit who lounges in doorways and masturbates and is unpleasant and menacing.

I think I’ve become a Hilary Mantel fan. I didn’t know she wrote stuff other than the historical but what a lovely surprise.


My stats on this website are funny. I have lots of people reading in America and Canada as well as Australia. Recent visitors have come from Netherlands (4 yesterday); France (2) and one each from Brazil, Argentina, Kenya and Italy. The post most people enter via is the Eminem one where I mentioned ‘Eminem’ and ‘8 Mile’. This wasn’t deliberate but it has attracted many visits (and possibly resulted in many disappointed Eminem fans.)

Happy Easter everyone. I’m off for a quick jaunt to the US on Sunday. Back the following Saturday, no doubt with some tales to tell to be sure, to be sure.

Peace Out Rabbit.

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