Dragging my feet a little

I wrote this yesterday and then something happened and it didn’t publish. Then I sat down to re-write and THEN I saw it in the drafts. So here it is. I’ve been woken early by my husband’s chicken foot over my side of the bed. I wish he would cut his toenails. I also had two too many martinis last night so I have a little bit of a head. (I love the way I call them martinis – a martini glass, tumble olives into the bottom, usually about 5, pour vodka in. Drink. I had three.) I ALSO had rage last night about some stuff that has been happening at my daughter’s school.

Dear Sports Mistresses. Lay off.

So here’s what I wrote yesterday:

I’ve been writing this week, like really really putting out. Working on short stories and then yesterday and today, back to a novel project which will hopefully be my second to go out (whatever the hell that means.)

No publishing news other than it’s still out there, circulating. There haven’t been ‘nos’ from a few people and one publisher who did say no is asking about it again. Hopefully it is HAUNTING her and she will make an offer. Things just seem really bad in publishing at the moment – virtually impossible to get something accepted. Sometimes I wonder, though, whether my thing would ever have easily found a home. Who can say.

Early this week I think it was I received my latest copy of Australian Book Review with Kerryn Goldsworthy’s long essay Everyone’s a Critic which makes great reading. And timely for my next post (I know I keep promising) on book review writing, so I’ll include some snippets from that too.

I’m exhausted from just sitting here, reading, editing, stripping out words from my 99K manuscript. It’s down to 92K and I’d like to pull more out, and then possibly build back up a little. I’m just not sure what size this thing will be, and I’m still not entirely sure of the shape. Argh.

fraught /frôt/

Adjective – (of a situation or course of action) Filled with or destined to result in (something undesirable).
Synonyms – full – replete – loaded – laden – pregnant

Maybe fraught is the wrong word because I don’t want an undesirable outcome. But I have to keep my mojo.

The weather in Melbourne has been beautiful, and I’ve been having good walks with the Gigi. I don’t know if I’ve introduced her on here, I promise, I don’t do animal blogging, but here she is:


That’s an old photo – she’s much bigger now, and she’s turning nine this year I think. She’s in good shape, a big, fluffy pale Retriever, and I recently started walking her on one of those retractable lead things. (She’s always been bad on the lead – pulling so much, thinking she’s in charge.) Funnily, I didn’t want to spend $60 on one the right size for her (heavy duty for ‘big dogs’, weighed a tonne too, also didn’t extend to the length that the ‘small dog’ one did – 23 feet.) So I bought the ‘small dog’ one and it works fine but sometimes I feel like I’m holding a fishing line and there is a marlin on the end of it, or a whale.

Anyway, happy weekend. Happy writing. Don’t have too many martinis.

8 thoughts on “Dragging my feet a little

    1. HI Dianne, I note that your comment about martinis was left at 9.13am… did you have a bad morning? Thanks for the MD well wishes, it was a nice day. I’ve got new ugg boots and loving myself sick in them.

  1. Goodness me, I’m glad you are not a dog blogger because then we wouldn’t get to read all the good stuff, being totally hypnotised by those gorgeous eyes!
    I’m always amazed how tired I get, sitting on my arse and writing all day. Taking the dog for a gallop sounds like a grand idea.

    1. I know she is still beautiful. It is tiring sitting writing all day. Getting out for a walk is doing me wonders, even this afternoon when chilly and with rain threatening. I can’t let the weather stop me otherwise I’ll make excuses. Hope your writing going well!?

  2. Hi Jenny – just cruising the Intertubes from Florida, where an almighty thunder and lightning show knocked out our connection for three days. You’re such a lovely writer. Someone should represent your work, or something. And how dare you hide Gigi until the big reveal here! Another agent was in NYC recently and over coffee revealed how nervous the publishers have been with the books she has been bringing them.Sort of sobering and reassuring, all at once.More soon via the usual channels.

  3. Oh Virginia, what a gorgeous comment. Yes but I would only want an agent who is AMAZING and EXCELLENT and oh, already have one, look at that. What you say is sobering and reassuring at the same time but yes, onwards and upwards (or sideways).

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