Friday wrap with lettuce

Over the weekend I am going to begin carving out a space on this blog for reviewing. I’m quite excited about how to approach it. I know, I know. All talk and no action. Sorry about that but I’ve been writing.

I’m working like crazy on my second thing, let’s call it The Sugar Men. I had a chat with my lovely agent on Tuesday and it’s full steam ahead with this second one, and then come back to the other one later. It’s disappointing but it’s reality and I’m glad I have a direction now after wafting for months (psychologically on hold: I’ve not let it stop me writing.)

I can’t bear twitter at the moment. All the stuff about Australian politics just makes me rage; also am sad about the things going on in Turkey. The weather in Melbourne has a dampening effect as well (haha) – I haven’t been for a brisk walk for two days and I notice it makes me feel a bit less energised. BUT I have the makings of a beautiful spaghetti marinara tonight with fresh gorgeous seafood from Just Landed fish shop in Carlisle Street, I have my Macon-Village chardonnay and some vanilla ice cream. Also some soft cheeses. I do not think we’ll eat all of this tonight. Soft cheeses and a quiet glass tomorrow night I think.

Up to date with Game of Thrones, and am reading the first book. I’ve had the set of books for two years but now the show has made me read. I won’t be reviewing it though.

Back to writing. My draft is labelled The Sugar Men v12 but that just indicates I’ve been through it and made changes 12 times, either large structural changes or massive slicing out of stuff. I learned from the first one to always trim and try to keep stuff out that doesn’t move the story/stories forward. I’m not a big story person, more into the character-driven stuff, and ‘my readers’ are people who aren’t frustrated by something being a little circular or pottering, they engage with the characters and themes and read to see what happens and how it’s done.

Yesterday I spent a few hours watching old The First Tuesday Book Club episodes. Even if they are discussing a book I didn’t like or haven’t read, the comments are enormously useful and insightful to me as a writer. What they say lets me know what type of reader they are, what they like and don’t like; more about what actually happens in that magic space that’s between writer and reader, where the reader brings their own imagination or perceptions into their interpretation of the book. And it’s always interesting, and reassuring, to see the range of responses just amongst five people on a panel.

The other thing is, and this is obvious, but: The Paris Review has to be the best thing ever and for always. Having all the archived copies of old interviews and essays online. What a gift.

Have a good weekend people. Happy writing if that’s your thing; happy reading too. And stay dry Melbs, and warm. And Go Cats.

2 thoughts on “Friday wrap with lettuce

  1. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting my site. It sounds as though you are doing great things with an agent secured – if you keep hacking away I’m sure you will get there one day soon! You are obviously very talented with all the accomplishments listed on your bio so it’s only a matter of time. Great to touch base and I look forward to learning about your journey x

  2. Hi Gemma, thanks for your comment here too. Well I’m plugging away and I am determined but nothing comes easily as I’m sure you’re aware. All the best with your projects too!

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