One thought on “Gone fishing. Back later.

  1. I’m still fishing my lovelies but thought I’d check in. Am reading Questions of Travel which is appropriate though I’m not doing much travel other than room to food, food to pool. But taking lots of notes on the book for review purposes, also notes on a novel idea that I’ve been gestating since I was here last two years ago. Don’t you just love it when it becomes clear that something is more than just a bit of gossamer?

    I also have Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge with me, as well as the second Game of Thrones book. And the chunky 100 Tour de France magazine. I’m nuts about the riding race and am pleased we are somewhere it’s on two hours earlier than Melbourne-Town.

    I’m on an iPad so please forgive me not italicising the above book titles. Hate the iPad and I’m already being a complete hypocrite by even using it. My husband is nice about it and didn’t rag me when he saw I had it.

    What are you reading?

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