Not a review, on Don DeLillo’s COSMOPOLIS

This is an old not-review that I blogged elsewhere. Apologies if it's sweary, I do get a little more earthy over at the other place. And as for re-cycling it? Yes, I'm being lazy. Yes, I'm busy. Yes, I hated writing that other real review, and yes I'm uneasy about having that other 'real' review [...]


So what’s it about?

This is what I'm grappling with now. A distillation of my second manuscript into one or two sentences that tell another person what it's about. A few years ago I did a Carmel Bird* workshop. We went around the class (natch) each saying what we were reading and what it was about. This is how [...]

The Single Largest Cause of Writer’s Block–Might Not Be What You Believe

This is good, from Kirsten Lamb. Useful even for literary fiction writers, not just plotters & genre peeps.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Today, I’d like to talk about the single greatest reason for writer’s block (aside from laziness and fear, but we can chat about those another time). I spent years as an editor, and I believe I’m a pretty good one. I’ve taken stories that were train wrecks and helped the author create a best-seller. Just ask Piper Bayard about Firelands, LOL.

I had a unique ability to pull apart a story and locate what wasn’t working and why. Then I could guide that writer to the best book possible (without altering that writer’s voice). Editing is a skill, but it’s a different skill from creating. For instance, a person who restores historical houses isn’t necessarily someone who can draw a blueprint and build a new house. The restorer looks to the bones of the house and fixes what’s already standing to help create what the owner envisions.

Same with…

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