Oh hello rainy Saturday

I just tried ‘re-blogging’ for the first time, see results below. I don’t LOVE the images that came with the posts, but the content of each is worth reading. I also don’t love the font that my comments are in down the bottom. Yuck.

It’s clear I’m going to have to force myself to start writing those bloody reviews I’ve been banging on about. Whenever I think about it, I go ‘mmmm, later.’ There is a definite block, but there’s no block (while I’m reading) with my responses, note-taking, position-forming and idea-cogitating.

Tonight, though, I have a Tour de France dinner and I decided this morning in the shower I’m going to wear yellow. This is a small problem in that I only own a couple of pieces: a yellow bag (well, I can’t keep THAT on at the dinner) and a yellow cardigan. I also have gold nail polish which is really revolting so I might for an equally revolting lemon-yellow shade. My daughter and I are going ‘out to the shops’ (don’t you love that quaint phrase, I’m bringing it back, you can use it too, I give you my permission. Let’s have the whole country ‘going to the shops’ within the next couple of years.) On the way there’s an op shop, hopefully I can find a yellow scarf to wear around my head a la Brigitte Bardot, what a shame this image below is out of focus:

And a yellow frock (let’s bring back ‘frock’ too, it’s a great word) or pants suit would be ace. (We don’t need to bring back ‘pants suit’; they are already back, check the shops.)

The food: we have baulked at French cheese, so I’m taking a blue and a hard. I’m also taking dessert – it’s a toss-up between cherry clafoutis and tarte tartin. I have two bottles of Franch wine – a nice little Macon Village and the other one is a Cotes-du-Rhone.

We will watch the bikes, we will compete with each other with our ‘interesting Tour snippets.’ I will offer ‘sticky-bibons‘ and the name of the woman on the back of the motorbike who holds the chalk board with the time on it (CLAIRE) and I will fall asleep no doubt. It’s killing me this year, last night I was slipping in and out of consciousness on the couch, but managed to see the finish.

Happy weekend everyone, hope you are writing and reading well.

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