A good week

Last week was a good one. On Tuesday I heard that a piece I submitted to Kill Your Darlings journal had been accepted. It’s about a trip to Lake Eyre I made in 1989, and it’s also about the sour-end of a one-way crush, flowing in the direction of me to him.

Oh, unrequited crushing. Is there anything worse?

I had submitted the piece to the Creative Non Fiction call for Australian essays a little while ago, maybe a year ago? It didn’t do anything so had been sitting in its little folder, waiting for another opportunity.

Then last night, a late email came through from Sleepers Publishing, about a  poem I had submitted, last minute, to their call for submissions for their Almanac No. 9. They liked it and want to publish it and I am thrilled about that as well. I don’t write much poetry, little if any. Maybe it’s something I should explore more.

It’s funny how you mustn’t ever think something is dead. It’s important to rework, resubmit. Some submissions it’s important to write a fresh piece. My Big Issue short story for the recent fiction edition was written ‘to brief’. But like everyone else, I have pieces rolling around my desktop like those little metal balls in those plastic hand-held kids’ games, and sometimes they make a drop.

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