Monday musings

Here are some things I've come across in my internet wanderings this morning: 1. A wonderful piece on Hilary Mantel. It's from last year but it gives you a lot of info about her as a person and a writer. Lots of bits in it resonate for me, but when she's talking about taking a [...]

During the whilst

Over the next few days I'm really busy but was conscious I hadn't posted here for a week. So in the meantime, until I can get something else up, here are some snippets to keep you going. 1. I've just been browsing through Virginia Lloyd's website. Again. Yeah yeah, I know she's my agent but [...]

Ian McEwan: On making love work in fiction

If you watch one thing today, let it be this: On making love work in fiction Some quotations: novelists struggle constantly with trying to portray the concept of sustained happiness. There's always the danger that it will seem sentimental, or smug. Unreal. And I think only Tolstoy has truly achieved this "Anyway, literature loves difficulty, [...]