The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

It's a big image for a big book. I loved everything about The Goldfinch and for me it was the best read of last year and possibly for several years. There were only two things that bugged me. The first was disappointing, the second more of an irritation. 1. Boris's voice wasn't very good. For [...]


Some small thoughts on Wrecked, by Charlotte Roche

I have a note here I made a year or so ago while reading Charlotte Roche's Wrecked. Like her other book Wetlands, this is a confronting story (though not as much. I don't think I've read a more confronting book than Wetlands?) There is a tragedy at the heart of this book, and one detail [...]

Not a review – The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

I've been avoiding The Luminaries (I will get back to it, I will) by re-reading The Little Friend, and then I found myself avoiding that by reading The Virgin Suicides, which is an attractive slender thing, something tasty and distracting, but all too quickly over. Oh, how beautifully it's done. It's a book about death [...]

Och aye

So next is Perth Writers Festival. I've booked into lots of sessions. This is some of what I'm excited about: Lionel Shriver on literature and religion Martin Amis in conversation Richard Flanagan on love stories An all-day publishing thing on the novel, with a series of sessions. Can't wait for that one, including watching people [...]

Back into it

Am back from the beach and into the writing. Have a bit of urgency about it and today was stressful. I hate Word. I don't know how to drive it properly, with formatting and the editing feature, and I don't have time to work it out so I have to do it in a really [...]