Back into it

Am back from the beach and into the writing. Have a bit of urgency about it and today was stressful. I hate Word. I don’t know how to drive it properly, with formatting and the editing feature, and I don’t have time to work it out so I have to do it in a really round-about way.

BUT I went horse riding yesterday and it was great. Here’s Toby my steed:


Here are some great links and articles I’ve come across lately on the twitter:

This is great, about bringing back the 3rd person / omniscient / narrator. I read it and was like YESSSSS.

This is funny: How to tell if you are in a Bronte novel.

I think I may have posted this before but THIS is an collection of David Foster Wallace essays. Excellent.

This is on writing to win.

And this is gorgeous and strangely nostalgic. Childhood photos that a woman has photo-shopped her ‘now’ self into.




8 thoughts on “Back into it

  1. Jenny for some reason when I received my email notification about this new post, it only gave me the title and not any body text. No clue how to fix this but just thought you should know.
    With Word, my tip is to save a copy of the long document and work from the copy. Let me know if there’s anything specific as I may have a tip for that.

    1. There was some problem with saving this blog post. I think it was to do with me dragging a pic in rather than doing it properly using the tools, so yeah. That’s what that problem was! As for the Word – I just had to click ‘track changes’ button OFF. So easy yet seemed so hard yesterday. Edits almost done V!

  2. A little tip: If you work on a Mac…… work in ‘Pages’ which is much easier to work with then ‘export’ the file to Word…… works for me.

    1. Thanks Terry but I don’t work on a Mac, haven’t for used cause all my work is handled well with PC. It amuses me that everyone has Macs now at a premium cost, when they don’t really need them. But well done to Apple.

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