Och aye

So next is Perth Writers Festival. I’ve booked into lots of sessions. This is some of what I’m excited about:

Lionel Shriver on literature and religion

Martin Amis in conversation

Richard Flanagan on love stories

An all-day publishing thing on the novel, with a series of sessions. Can’t wait for that one, including watching people pitch to pubs at the end. WATCHING. And taking notes.

A couple of Eleanor Catton sessions, one with Susan Wyndham talking about The Luminaries (I still haven’t finished it! But was reassured by this post on ‘Difficult Reading’ via Whispering Gums – will try to get through before I go west.) Another one talking about structure and narrative, also with Margaret Drabble.

Novelist (and one of my ex-teachers) Andrea Goldsmith talking to Aviva Tuffield from Affirm Press about monuments to love

I’m hoping to squeeze one session in on the Friday (that’s the one above) but on that Friday I’m going to Fremantle with Sarah Drummond. She tells me she’s found the Eyrie building of Winton fame, and we’re going to check it.

Then there’s bits and pieces here and there, and I’m going south to Albany, to the Great Southern Writers Festival that follows on straight after the PWF. Down there, some sessions and then some touring of the region.

In other news: slowly recovering from horse riding. About to finish re-watch of West Wing with my daughter. Oh Toby! And have several movies on my list.

Busy times.







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