Perth Writers Festival and beyond

I’m back from the west and what a trip it was. I did a lot of driving, listening to writers, eating, swimming and walking. Fabulous stuff.

I’ll do a series of catch ups here over the next week, but for now I’m going back to bed with EYRIE to re-read after seeing what HAS to be the building in Fremantle.



I’ll post again during the week, still recovering, but I have much to share about the Perth Writers Festival and The Great Southern Festival in Albany that followed on straight after.

2 thoughts on “Perth Writers Festival and beyond

  1. Looking forward to what you have to share Jenny. Not sure about ‘the’ building but I do love the corner one and so much else about Fremantle and Perth and especially the sunsets when we stayed in Sorrento – and my lone morning and evening swims.

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