FINAL PWF2014 catch-up post. Bloody hell, it’s taken ages

Richard Flanagan's closing address ON LOVE STORIES Flanagan was introduced by the festival director Emily and he kissed her after her opening comments. When he did this he lifted his foot back and it was a very cute beginning to his talk on love. I confess I've only read one Richard Flanagan book, no make [...]


PWF14 catch-up post, Paper & Glass. On indigenous story-telling.

This is the second-last catch-up post for the festival. Sorry it's taking me so long, I just need to fit it in around all the other important things in my life like going to the opera and lying in bed during the day reading Game of Thrones. You know how it is. Oh, and writing. [...]

PWF catch-up: Saints & Sinners: Faith, Abuse & George Pell, with David Marr

Continuing my series of catch-up posts on the recent (and getting not-so-recent) Perth Writers Festival in March, this session was pretty amazing and anyone who's seen David Marr in full swing will know what I mean. Although I did once meet a man in a second-hand bookshop in Euroa who said he didn't like Marr. [...]