Sleepers Almanac No. 9

The Sleepers Almanac is being launched tonight. I have a poem in it, which is weird because I don’t really write poetry. But I did write this one, and it got in. Come along tonight if you’re in Melbourne and aren’t so tightly diarised that you can go to something with two hours’ notice. I think there will be drinks.

It’s at Bella Union, Trades Hall in Carlton.

Or order a copy here:
Sleepers Almanac Number 9.

In other news, tonight is the return of Game of Thrones and I have spent the whole day in bed reading the first book. Last night we watched the last 4 eps of previous season. We have the lift-out of characters from yesterday’s Herald Sun. The family have been told they are not to watch it until I get home.

I can’t decide which I’m more excited about.



6 thoughts on “Sleepers Almanac No. 9

    1. Thank you. It’s a good feeling & this one was serendipitous. Wasn’t going to submit, then pulled something out, added a bit, and sent it off. Just goes to show how random it can all be sometimes.

  1. I didn’t read your post until now so imagine my surprise when I was sitting quietly drinking my frightening expensive glass of single malt while reading my purchased copy of Vol 9, and I come across a name I know. Not being very bright [writers are a bit thick unless they see their own name!] I sat there for a moment saying to myself, “I know that name.” I thought about getting you to sign my copy but you were deep in conversation, so maybe next year? Hopefully next year I can sign yours.

    1. Hey you were there! We whizzed off pretty quickly after the event, had a few people to catch up with/meet (including the publishers) but would have been great to meet you, Terry. Definitely next year, or next event. BTW, was your single malt in plastic too?

      1. Yes it was…….. very strange feeling drinking expensive whisky out of plastic….. I guess the Comedy Festival crowds get a bit boisterous?

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