Going Global, ASA Seminar held Wed 14 May, Melbourne


Anne Beilby, Rights Manager at Text Publishing.

I went along to this not quite sure what it was about (my fault, no one else’s.) But I knew two things:

1. Anne Beilby from Text Publishing was the speaker and
2. she is a guru when it comes to all things to do with publishing rights.

Actually I knew three things. My brain simply does not work with this kind of stuff. If your brain also does not work with this kind of stuff, then let’s hold hands and stumble through together. If you are across it all, then some comments would be really appreciated. If I’ve got it wrong, please say so below.

Anne is the Rights Manager at Text and has been since 2004. Not all publishers have a dedicated Rights Manager, so if you are lucky enough to be a Text author, then yay for you, you can relax and sit back. For the rest of us, people who are trying to get a book contract with any publisher, whether you have an agent or not, it’s something an author probably needs to know something about, as much as possible. That last sentence was really badly written.

I know my agent was very happy when I had questions about the contract I signed with her, for representation. It meant that I was thinking about the business of publishing as well as the business of writing, and while most of my time needs to be spent on the writing part, I’m the sort of person who also likes to know what I can about the other side of things. As long as it’s not too hard. And rights seems to be pretty hard and complicated. Which is why this post will possibly be confusing. Sorry in advance. But even if it IS confusing, that will be an illustration as to why it’s important to inform yourself on this topic better than I seem to have.

If you’re going to take on your rights, you need to think like a small publisher

– Anne Beilby, Rights Manager at Text Publishing

Some publications to look out for and subscribe to/read:

Publishers Weekly
Shelf Awareness
Publishing Perspectives
Ted Butler
Everyday E Book
Kirkus Reviews
Oprah’s Bookclub 2.0 (can help you refine your pitch)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (‘quality literary imprint’ considered by many ‘the pinnacle of literary publishing’ – check their website. They are a Macmillan imprint.)
Hot Key Books (children & YA)
Melville House

The Bookseller
We Love This Book

Wheeler Centre
Readings newsletter
KYD blog

A jam-packed 2 hours including questions.

Thanks also to the Australian Society of Authors for putting the evening on. You can look at their events HERE. Worth becoming a member too.

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