Friday wrap, w/ lettuce

This very quickly because I’m busy, man.

1. This is a fun, yet poignant, article on [not] being a famous writer, and how humbling the biz can be.

Please turn to the chapter on obscurity…


2. I am all about Larry Brooks and his storyfixing en ce moment. Doesn’t matter if you are a ‘pantser’ or not, this rings the bells of truth and prophecy I have to say. It’s still a fucking mind-bend to try to insert your project into this kind of engineering tool, but in terms of clarity of purpose, and being overall helpful, to me it’s better than other ones I’ve seen:



3. This is an article on fragmented novels versus linearly-structured ones. Interesting.

Are fragmented novels a fad?


4. Just found this one, about the current thangs in publishing and how freaking hard it all is, and how some people say more telling, less showing, while others say no, more showing you noob. And then some people say, less dialogue, it’s too much telling (and how those people don’t really know what they are talking about.)

Three things to know about exposition and telling


5. I loved AM Homes’s novel May We Be Forgiven. It’s one of my top 3 reads for the last few years I’d say. Here she is (audio) at the recent Sydders Writers’ Festival. I haven’t listened to it yet, that’s how busy I am today.

AM HOMES (AUDIO approx 1 hour)


6. Haven’t read this one either, but I’ll get there. It’s about editing your own work. Get to it.

Do you know how to edit AND proofread your story?


7. Another Homes one. Jo Case article reflecting on Toni Jordan’s chat with AM at The Wheeler Centre.

“All bets are off”: AM Homes at the Wheeler Centre


8.  This might be no good, again I haven’t read it (why are you putting links without vetting them, you may ask. I don’t know, I would answer. To do a post?) But it’s on villains. These links are where my browsing has taken me the last few days. I need to close some windows on my computer.

Sympathy for a good villain


9. For people persisting with the FALSE notion that Hemingway said write drunk, edit sober, I’ve read about five biographies on the man and he always held off drinking until he’d stopped working, usually the evening. He was quite disciplined. Plus, this from reddit:

Reddit thread


10. This is a blog post about literary houses:

Literature of the English country house


11. Another article, this time on Darwin and

The Naturalist and Neurologist: On Charles Darwin and James Crichton-Browne


Finally, because I can’t finish on an odd number, just like I can’t have the television remote volume on anything but even, here is number 12.

12. Last night I purchased this online and it’s headed my way. Today, I’m not sure…

Obviously without the fingerless gloves and with less Dommy shoes. Part of the problem is I’m not very gothic. The other part of the problem is I can get carried away. Also, this:

What idiot would buy a skirt without looking at the front view.


[takes a bow]

Have a good weekend. Don’t buy any skirts without checking the front view, okay?

4 thoughts on “Friday wrap, w/ lettuce

    1. The skirt. Hmmm. It’s arrived and I’m not sure. Maybe in summer but with tights and boots and everything underneath it might be a bit too much. But with thongs!

  1. Re skirt – I did similar with a shirt once. It arrived and huge (awful) lace inserts across the back, I presume to show off the fastening of your bra… of course had I looked at the pictures, I would have noticed!

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