Reading, reading and more reading. And some editing.

My edits are done. Again. So next stage will be proof pages and seeing some cover artwork. Fingers crossed for that. It’s been school holidays and while Term 2 has started today, I’m not teaching until Thursday, and then it’s only a couple of sessions in the middle of the day. Easy. I’ve been reading, and working on my next thing. And wasting far too much time on the internet. It’s like a circling but it does become a bit ridiculous, most of the time.

What I’ve been reading (picking up from my previous list where the last entry was The Strays, March 19, at book number 11 for the year):

12: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie. (Thurs 26/3). This is a re-read and it’s my childhood copy, with my girlish writing on the title page, where I’ve crossed out ‘Ackroyd’ and written ‘Ackland.’ My dad’s name is Roger. This is a brilliant Christie in that the narrator is unreliable so I wanted to look at how she made it work. Very clever.

13: The Eye of the Sheep – Sofie Laguna (Thurs 2/4)
14: Dirt Music – Tim Winton (Thurs 2/4) Didn’t finish this re-read. Have read at least twice before, and I love it. But this time I wanted to check whether he had watermelons splitting in the sun. And I don’t think he did. Didn’t want to steal an image.

15: Another Great Day at Sea – Geoff Dyer (Sun 5/4). Fantastic book, read for a NF book-club I go to at Readings.

16: The Anchoress – Robyn Cadwallader (Mon 6/4)
17: Black Rock White City – AS Patric (Sat 11/4). Fantastic. Went to the book launch last Wednesday. Caught up with some old faces, met some new. Author speech was really wonderful, this is a book with real heart, and beautifully written. And original.

And then, last night, Game of Thrones came back into our lives.

9 thoughts on “Reading, reading and more reading. And some editing.

  1. Have you been doing the Stella shortlist/ Twitter book group on Monday nights? I’ve missed a few while I was away (notably The Strays and The Eye of the Sheep) but have really enjoyed the discussions.

    1. Yes, I read them afterwards. Tonight was Joan London I just remembered. Will check it out tomorrow. London for the win for me although I’ve yet to finish Foreign Soil. And welcome back. Are you back?

  2. Oh good for you all reading all the Shortlist. I think I’ve read three on the longlist, and just one on the shortlist. Consequently I’ve kept away from the Twitter group discussion.

    Anyhow, good luck with the cover choice. Hope it’s fun and not stressful.

    1. Hi Sue, to clarify I’m not reading anything on any list in its entirety. Just the ones I’m interested in. My above comment was referring to reading the twitter feed/book group thingy for the Stella, afterwards. So on the list I’ve read a few but not all.

      As for cover choice I don’t think *I* get it? I’m consulted. But it’s very exciting and a bit nerve-wracking for sure.

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