So there’s this


Allen & Unwin just tweeted this. How is the beauty? And I was so happy to see the bee. Just the week before I’d seen another book with bees on the cover and thought wistfully ‘I wish I had a bee on my cover’ and then forgot about it. And there it is. Meant to bee. (Sorry)


12 thoughts on “So there’s this

    1. Didn’t have to wait as long as I thought I might to share. They spring these covers on you, A&U. Saw it happen to Susan Johnson a couple of weeks ago. Makes it exciting for the author too I suppose.

  1. So exciting! It’s beautiful, seeing your name on that cover! And of course, I can’t wait to read it! Yours will be the first novel I will have read in years!

    1. Thanks love. And saw your post on your bees. This has bees in it. And I was so happy to see the bee on the cover. I hadn’t even mentioned it when they asked me for my ideas, other than as a motif if they did a cover a la Turkish rug. What stage are you up to with your second one? x

      1. The bee is perfect Jen. I think you posted this while I was out there working bees.
        And the book? Into the editing next month. Phrew.

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