Book give-away | THE SECRET SON

The ace people at Allen & Unwin are giving away 5 advance reading copies of my book THE SECRET SON, on Goodreads.

Click on THIS LINK to go to the page to enter. I can’t give any better instructions than that. I’ve forgotten my Goodreads password, which isn’t a good look. Competition is open until 19 July, and Australian and NZ readers can enter.



2 thoughts on “Book give-away | THE SECRET SON

  1. I tried dammit butI just can’t satisfy the gr lust for customers. apparently I’ve only rated one book so far and therefore am not eligible.

    So I guess (sigh) I shall just have to ask my local bookshop to stock some copies.

    1. I have a profile on goodreads but had forgotten my password. Am now back on with a grand total of zero books read, zero reviewed, zero marked as ‘to read’. It’s just too much. But funny cause I couldn’t edit the stuff about me that’s located with the book. x

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