My book is in all good book shops.
My book is quite comfortable, in a stack, as a pillow.
My book is very beautiful and quite nice to read too.
My book wants to be in your house, in your bookcase.
My book has the most beautiful cover. Did I say that?
My book is 327 pages long.
My book is called The Secret Son.
My book thinks you should buy it.


10 thoughts on “Happening

  1. Booky booky book!
    Your book will look very fine in my bookcase, where it will soon be (I have it on order; resisting the urge to phone and ask when it’s due in!).
    Glad to know it works as a pillow, too.
    But how can I read it if I’m lying on it?
    Cheers to you and The Secret Son.

  2. I love book birthdays, and I mean their actual ‘birth’ days! It must be thrilling, after years of writing and wrangling and wondering if it would ever be published, to see it as a beautiful-looking book. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it! x

    1. Thanks Louise, it is SUCH a long road, even when the way is pretty smooth and works out in the end, still can be quite the winding route. Exhausting but with exhilaration along the way. xx

  3. Hi Jenny, I am excited for you, I can’t wait to experience what you are going trough just now while I wait for my book to be published in October. I will buy you book in the next couple of days. Love, Livia

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