Official publication day for The Secret Son

Even though my book has been in shops for a few days now, today is the official pub date. My dad flew in from Perth, where he’s almost at the end of a drive-Australia trip with his wife. He’s come for my launch. A friend has come from New Zealand to be here for my launch. I have old school friends, new writing friends, teaching friends, family friends, family coming to help me celebrate my book. My literary agent is here, from Sydney, to help me celebrate. It feels like the biggest thing I’ve ever done and that includes two weddings and a birth. It’s very wow so excuse me while I go and get [another] glass of bubbly, and I’ll be back next week. Taking some days off to relax.


Some reviews:

From Lisa Hill at ANZLitLovers

From Luke May for Readings Books (scroll down page)

From the Fairfax papers

11 thoughts on “Official publication day for The Secret Son

    1. Thanks so much Julianne, Just got back from Oasis Bakery (not sure if you’re from Melb & would know it; it’s a fantastic place on North Road – all things middle eastern) & got the honeyed pastries as well as a load of other stuff. SO happy you liked the book. Amazing to me that readers are reading it and there’s feedback already. Just wow.

  1. So many congratulations to you! I am reading as the first important “to do” on my extended holiday and loving it. You paint beautiful vivid pictures with your words. xx

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