How good is this?

naomi pic school

Am catching up with an old school friend on Monday (she lives in Sydney, me in Melbourne). She texted confirmation for our coffee and then included a link to an article in which she shared her response to my book with her readers. She also tweeted about it. She didn’t have to do any of this, and it came as surprise to me – a lovely one – also that she had enjoyed my book (which between you and me was more important than her writing about me like this) but I do like the idea that a woman who is known for inspiring others in business found something inspiring in MY path to publication.

Suffice to say, *I’m* buying the coffee on Monday.

PS See if you can pick me from the school girls photo.
PPS Far right-hand side is one of Australia’s favourite singers, cropped out! Bet that’s the first time that’s ever happened. (No, NOT Olivia Newton-John.)

7 thoughts on “How good is this?

  1. How lovely. Are you second from the left? and Your friend third from the left? Is the cropped out singer Kate Ceberano? But that’s a big guess and I’m not sure of age groups. But, btw, this is a really lovely photo.

    1. No I’m actually far left in row behind, with my mouth open very attractively. They obviously got the girls with high televisual ratings in the front row (can’t remember what the pic was for, probs newsletter or something.) Looks like we’re in Year 12 there.) See below for cropped person answer!

      1. Well, I always like to play the game! Marina Prior is good too! But, I do wish you’d been in the front row so we could see you better! BTW Are you all looking at something interesting or was it just the photographer making a funny face?

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