My first author Q&A for The Secret Son

Beyazıt 1910s

My publicist at Allen & Unwin was approached by a reviewer, who’d read my book and reviewed it on her website. Would I consider answering some questions, about the book and how I wrote it?

Oh, yes I would!

The questions were fantastic, and it’s made me realise that after so long with a book, so long spent writing and formulating and planning and processing and thinking and developing, and then there’s the never-ending revising, and then there’s all the formal bits, such as the editing process, and synopsis writing, and it goes and goes, it’s really nice to be able to talk about the craft and the hows and whys of how the book came to be. When you’ve spent so long with a project, there’s quite a bit to say.

Here’s the interview, over at Love That Book, with Melissa Sargent.

And here’s Melissa’s review of The Secret Son too.

6 thoughts on “My first author Q&A for The Secret Son

  1. Great interview…I too had wonderings about the bees. So interesting to hesr how it all came together, how the storyline was developed and the characters came to be. Wonderful book and yes, very original storyline.

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