5 influential books

Culture Street asked me to write about five books that influenced me, including one from childhood. This was a fantastic exercise as it made me really think hard about which books – among many many – had some sort of influence that I could trace. I had 100 words limit to spend on each, they chose the book jackets and put together the bio, and here’s the result:

Five Books of Influence

These would be the covers I’d choose, just FYI:

garp best_WH thegoldfinch-215x330 lolita-201x330 Horton_hatches_the_egg

So, three out of five aint bad.

2 thoughts on “5 influential books

  1. A great collection Jenny! Making me think about what would be in my top five… (certainly the childhood book would be Milly Molly Mandy – the map! I still love it…).

    1. Thanks Kate. Yes, Milly Molly Mandy and the map of the village. I think I said somewhere else I could have filled the five slots just with books from childhood. One of the best things of being a parent was revisiting those books; and am looking forward to (hopefully) grand-parenting for the same reason!

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