The Secret Son on State Library of Victoria’s Summer Reads List


During the week I saw a link from SLV about their Summer Reads.

I’m really happy that my novel The Secret Son has been included in their list of ten recommended reads; books set in Victoria, about Victorians or written by Victorians. (My novel fits all 3 categories!)

The other books include Leap by Myfanwy Jones, who I only met recently, and Rebecca Starford’s Bad Behaviour, who I’ve met a few times. There’s the curated collection of letters by women, put together by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire, as well as a true crime book by Gideon Haigh about a body found on a Melbourne beach in 1949 and Hannie Rayson’s memoir (which I read and loved, talk about funny).

All the books can be borrowed from participating libraries throughout Victoria, and there is competition where winners can win fantastic book packs. Enter online here or pick up a form at participating libraries (see list below).

The books:

2015–16 Summer Read books

  • The unbroken line by Alex Hammond
  • Between us: Women of letters curated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire
  • Certain admissions by Gideon Haigh
  • Hello, beautiful! Scenes from a life by Hannie Rayson
  • Please don’t leave me here by Tania Chandler
  • Dangerous games by Larry Writer
  • Leap by Myfanwy Jones
  • Bad behaviour by Rebecca Starford
  • The secret son by Jenny Ackland
  • Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown


Participating library services




5 thoughts on “The Secret Son on State Library of Victoria’s Summer Reads List

      1. I like your new reply better than the other. It wasn’t feeble but nor was it accurate 🙂 There are a few books we haven’t agreed on (the Knox, Barracuda… and for a moment, All The Light We Cannot See). BUT there are more books that we have agreed on and I think that’s the important point.

        Honestly, regardless of what anyone thinks of your book (especially me, whose blog has such a piddly readership!), you’ve done an AMAZING thing because you’ve published a book. What a feat.

        I often think when I’m writing a review, good or bad, who am I to judge? Yes, I’m the ‘customer’ but on the other hand, what gives me the right to be critical of someone’s work? It’s a tricky position and one that I’m not always comfortable with, so why do it? I enjoy the dialogue. I enjoy reading other peoples reviews as much as I enjoy reading the book sometimes.

    1. Oh indeedy I have. I checked with lit agent and she said ‘it should have been in the publisher contract’- it wasn’t. Checked with publisher, they should have signed me up. They didn’t. So I did it. Back in September. I’m on that shit cause I’d heard too many stories of people not knowing about it, not registering and missing out on payments. But thanks for checking with me, appreciate that.

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