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That’s probably more of a rhetorical question, because I could find out myself. BUT, I was alerted last night by a writer friend that my book was on the Top 100 most popular for kindle (for Australia). I checked, it was. It seems to be going up and down a bit and has a red arrow meaning ON THE WAY DOWN, but I’ll track its progress from now.

You can see other books and their positions on the lists. I never checked it out before, I’ve been looking at Goodreads and neglecting other spots. Some authors say never read your reviews, don’t look at GR, for it will crush you. But I can handle it. I am uncrushable. If you are an author wanting to be published, you have likely experienced years of rejections in many forms. You need to have a thick skin being in this game, and anyway, I like to know. I know not everyone will love my book or even like it, which is why now that I’m getting some emails from readers through this website, it’s a fantastic thing to feel as if I’m developing a readership of people who like my stuff. Thanks to those people! Also there have been some book bloggers and reviewers who have given my book truly great reviews and I want to thank them here. Firstly, Luke May at Readings and Lisa Hill at ANZLitLovers, for their early positive reviews which were so important for my confidence and entry into the world as a debut author. And especial thanks go to the following, for their interest and wonderful reviews of my novel which is the most encouraging thing: Michelle McLaren at Newton Review of Books; Julianne Negri aka Wayward Fancy on GR and for the Australian Women Writers Challenge; Ashleigh at The Book Muse; Melissa Sargent (for doing a review and having me on her blog for a Q&A); Miriam at Create, Hope, Inspire; Anne Fussell on her website Still Not Fussed, and RitaSkeeter on Goodreads. Thanks also to Amanda Curtin for hosting me on her website for an author Q&A, as well as Culture Street for inviting me on to talk about 5 Books of Influence, which was fun. Naomi Simson wrote about me and my book on her Linked In Influencer page it got a bunch of hits, and I also want to thank other reviewers in various book pages: Peter Pierce (The Australian), Derek Parker (The Spectator UK and Quadrant) (love those two guys particularly), Katerina Bryant (Australian Book Review), and yes, even Cameron Woodhead in The Age and Lou Heinrich in The Big Issue for their small negative responses.

Well, that was all a bit Oscarish.

So, The Secret Son (these five minutes, anyway) is sitting at #44 for PAID kindles (as opposed to free) and at #3 for historical fiction in a field that has tens of thousands of titles and I’m like:


I don’t know how this has happened but maybe my book is going gangbusters in the Kindle world? It’s possible, yes?