I was going through the photos on my phone and thought I’d better clear them out, delete all the crappy ones, like all the selfies I take on the days when I think my eyebrows are looking good. I’m sure I’m not the only one who takes so many photos of food, but it’s the food I make, not when I’m out that might be the difference? Although there are a couple of cheats and ‘unusuals’, eg the sushi platter (bought, cut and arranged) and the potato gems (not sure what that was about. We never have them, and why with a salad?) the rest are just either normal meals or things that I’ve done specially for some reason. (We do have lots of spaghetti marinara, as it is one of my favourite dishes ever. When I was at Melbourne Uni doing one year of Arts when I was 18 – I deferred and didn’t finish it – I would go to Tiamo in Lygon Street for their spag marinara, which wasn’t a luxe one back then, I reckon it used a mix (even from a jar) but I liked it. It was fast, cheap and yum. I had a little notebook where I’d write stuff, because you know, one day I was going to be a writer, and I had a page just for tallying the spag marinaras I ate. Most of them were at Tiamo, but some were elsewhere, maybe Romeo’s in Toorak Road (I went there and had dinner with my sister this last Thursday. I don’t even look at the menu, it’s always their white spaghetti marinara. Always. And it’s one of the best ones, doesn’t waste space with stupid mussels). Anyway my plan for the tally was to eat my centenary spaghetti marinara in Rome. It didn’t happen, partly because I think someone said to me: You do know that the pasta you get here will probably be better than what you can find as a poor backpacker in Italy? And the other reason it didn’t happen was because I got to the seventies and kind of went off it for a few years. I think I’d have that notebook somewhere still.

Anyway, here’s a selection by way of me avoiding my WIP: