The marvellous Lisa Hill at ANZ LitLovers recently had me on her blog as part of her Meet an Aussie Author series. Lisa is a TIRELESS champion and advocate for writers, especially local AUS and NZ ones. She is so prolific – but with quality, not slapdash like my terrible reviews – I can’t believe how often her pieces are published, sometimes several a week, and they are proper reviews not those faux-type reviews [synopsis x 3 paragraphs + 1 x innocuous comment about ‘I liked it’ or ‘it wasn’t for me’ – not having a go at anyone here. The ‘faux‘ ones are better than mine – I don’t even do the synopsis bit!] Lisa also is direct and honest about what she likes and what she doesn’t like and that’s incredibly refreshing.

Doing these appearances helps me work out what it is my books are about, and what writing means to me, and how I approach the task of getting something done.  And once again I sent off a photo of my messy work area, all in the name of Authenticity. I remember a woman saying to me years ago ‘If I tidied my house I’d never get any writing done’ and so I’ve followed her example and it works well for me.

So thanks Lisa, and you can head over there to read it if you like, the link is below. I promise I don’t drone on, it’s quite a quick read, and you can find out where I was born, and something about how I started on my writerly way.

Meet an Aussie Author at ANZLitlovers – it’s me!