1. Waiting for an email from my publisher. I might have some good news soon about my next book but do not want to jinx anything. (I am resisting feeling that this comment might bring about said jinx. It won’t will it?)
  2. Assembling a costume to go to my brother’s medieval-themed birthday party in Canberra over the weekend. Full disclosure: it’s a medieval-HAT party, but I am a person who has the tendency to go over the top with things, even small things. I was one of those kids who had to know everything, who immediately checked the kitchen after mum shopped to see what was new in the way of food, and who has always gone a bit too far with things, getting in trouble at school, being a bossy oldest sister, getting married overseas without telling anyone. That sort of thing. I’ve learned to rein in on some things, like big Life Decisions, but when it comes to a themed party, say, I get carried away. (Once we arrived in Canberra ready to re-enact Tony Mokbel’s trial. I had a bad wig, we had a briefcase with lawyer notes. This was the finale in a ‘game’ that had been unfurling over several years. I can’t even remember now how it started, but there was a posse of children called The Cheeky Gang (formed and led by my daughter and comprising her siblings and cousins) which started when she was five years old. I guess we had the Trial when she was about 11 or so.

    But back to the party. I’ve made a Robin Hood hat with peacock feather because I am going as a huntress. I plan a shaggy coat, some boots, some faux fur around the neck and a brace of ducks in my belt – which are actually squeaky dog toys from the two-dollar shop. My daughter has made an elaborate and very tall cardboard cone princess hat with a flowing red veil coming out of the top of it. We are smugly pleased with ourselves.


3. Assembling a Winterfell scale-model constructed out of Cheezels boxes. Luckily Cheezels were on special at the supermarket yesterday so I got ten boxes for ten bucks. I will post a pic once done. It will be a castle complex as well as a vessel for Cheezels, my brother’s favourite of those types of snacks.

If I was more organised I would have done a Winterfell cake, like the one below.


We plan to have the woods section filled with Cheezels and the heart Tree rising out. It will probably look terrible but we have to try.

4. Our kitten has gone to the vet’s for boarding and ‘re-education’ which sounds very Stalinesque. He has come to hate the vet. Last time when he got his shots he was terrible – scratching, biting, and he beat four adult humans and he’s only 4 months old or something. He’s a real fighter. This morning he clung to me with both paws across my shoulders and his head nestled into my neck, like a child being dropped at creche. I felt like the mother of a crying toddler walking away but still snapped a photo of him in his cage through the window.


See him there? Hating me?