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So we just got back from a few days in Canberra. We stayed at University House at the ANU. Great campus.


Alan the kitten was lodged at the vet’s and he has come back super happy, a lot gentler (he was getting very bitey and skittish) and very very affectionate, even more than before. He was let out to roam after hours and got to know all the vets and become accustomed to the environs. Hopefully this means he won’t freak out again when he next goes for his worming and fleaing. (The bathroom pic is from here, yesterday. He got up on the ledge and was flicking his paw into the water. Then he half fell in and I had to scoop him out.)

It was a good trip but the highlight has to have been the Winterfell constructed out of Cheezels boxes. We took it up pre-fabricated then stuck all the structures into place. We were very happy with ourselves.


I have a few more days – about a week – more of holidays and then it’s into the madness of Term 4. I also need to plan a book outline for a sex ed series. More on that later.