Time again for #6Degrees. I always just wait until Kate at BAMFAB posts and then I start to think about what to include. This one took a bit longer because every time I thought about the starter book I was stopped because I haven’t read it. I do have a small taster of something he’s written, a tiny volume, and thought if I could easily lay my hand to that then I’d somehow work that in. But no. In the end, I managed, and here it is:

This cover encapsulates much of what I look for in book covers. I love the typography and the simplicity.

This is another cover that I love but it’s photographic. At the moment I’m browsing imagery for my second novel, hopefully to be published next year. Yes I know it’s premature but it’s something that a dreamer does, alright? While I love the typographic look, I think this next book will need a photo on the cover. Like this one: I WILL SEND RAIN by Rae Meadows. I’ve never heard of it and I usually don’t like photographic covers of humans but this one is fantastic and I would love something similar for my story about a scrappy girl.

Rain in the title links to the next book, Myfanwy Jones’s first novel, THE RAINY SEASON. I am in the process of hunting down a copy to read. I loved her novel from last year Leap. Brilliant book and I’m looking forward to reading this one too. (Also, I saw Myf yesterday and she gave me a turnip from her garden and half a dozen of her chook’s eggs. She is so lovely and a beautiful, beautiful writer.)

Another brilliant book, and one of my favourites ever, is THE LITTLE FRIEND by Donna Tartt. It’s one of my most-read books and each time I get something new from it. It’s a book that has frustrated readers enormously if you take a look on GR. You have to be able to sit with ambiguity with this one and it has the elements of a long, shaggy dog story, but I think all the answers are there, hidden in plain view in a playful, smart way.

Authors who like to play with structure or language tend to write the sorts of book I become obsessed with. One of them – Eimear McBride – has a new novel out called THE LESSER BOHEMIANS, and while I confess to being a bit disappointed, or cynical, when I heard that it was written in a similar, streaming, disjointed style as her first – A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing – I have a copy and will read it because some people are saying it’s even better than the first which I loved. (and while I love this cover, there is another, very pretty floral one that reminds me of the version I have of Notes on a Scandal).

Books with Girl, or any other non-specific-other-than-gender nouns, in the cover are a pet hate of mine. I know it’s a marketing thing, and I know I had one in my book, but still… I wonder what MAESTRA would have been called if it had had Girl in the title: The Girl Who Will? The Girl Who Can? The Girl Who Does? I don’t know, but the cover is interesting and sexually suggestive to me, along the same lines of Alissa Nutting’s Tampa which I present here for comparison.