I don’t think I will ever do a PhD but if I did, something about WH would be on my list of things I’d happily spend a number of years exploring. Strangely, Ernest Hemingway and his many biographers is the other thing on my short, never-will-happen PhD list.

But I was just going through my emails – all these little notes to self that I send when I am out and about without pen and paper – and there was a link to an article entitled

Every Meal in Wuthering Heights Ranked In Order of Sadness (and somewhere I saw a note saying ‘and yes, all the meals are sad’).

Wuthering Heights is the story of a group of people who eat the most miserable meals imaginable, and cannot experience love as a result. Sometimes they have tea, but more often they are merely offered it, and decide they are too furious to have tea, and die instead. Here is every meal the characters of Wuthering Heights almost eat before being interrupted by sex-rage and dying.

Lists are just the best.

In other news, people in my twitter and facebook feeds are starting to talk about the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival which starts next week and I am quietly devo that I am not there.

*deep self-piteous sigh*

How is your weekend going? I finished reading Swimming Home by Deborah Levy last night. Am still processing. I’m not sure that I love her work, but I admire it and enjoyed reading this book and Hot Milk. I feel I need something amusing after it though. It’s heavy and weird and not in the way I prefer.