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Last week was a good one.

  1. On Tuesday, my second novel manuscript was being pitched at my publisher’s acquisitions meeting. I knew this and yet I still managed to last the day.
  2. Wednesday I was teaching all day and was walking to the car afterwards and checking my emails. There was one from my publisher Jane saying it is a go. IT IS A GO.
  3. Thursday, I was walking on air, apart from a sprained ankle from the evening before when I couldn’t find the dog and went running outside in a panic in terrible faux crocs from Big W. I confess to a glass of champagne while I was cooking which didn’t help when I was in that frenzy.
  4. Friday was good because I flew to Sydney for a dance party. A dance party!
  5. Saturday was good because I walked around Newtown, and met an old blogger friend, and we went to a beautiful cemetery, and we went to a shop that sells clothes made from kimonos, and we had a beer in a beer garden and it was all summery and warm.
  6. Sunday was a good day because I checked out of my funky, industrial, hard-edged hotel and walked from Newtown to the Opera House and Circular Quay via a terrific gallery in Chippendale (cue jokes about male strippers and furniture) that had a contemporary Chinese art exhibition on. I loved it. It was themed VILE BODIES and here are some photos.