Hello, just a quick place-holder to report I am back and I am amid boxes and settling into the new home, so have little-no time for internet activities but will be back soon.

Hope you are well? Let me know your news.

And now that we are in 2017, and my reading is back to its usual haphazard, messy status, this is what I have read and am reading now:

  1. books for the PWF panel – The German Girl by Armando Correa (lovely, warm man); The Toymaker (again, a re-read) by Liam Pieper (again, lovely and fun); The Sound (again, a re-read) by Sarah Drummond (mah friend from the west and a wonderful woman. I’ve already raved about her book well enough here) and Mazin Grace by Dylan Coleman (the narratives in this novel based on her mother’s childhood are fascinating and moving, and Dylan is working on her manuscript to tell her father’s stories. All I will say is shark and trauma. Incredible, compelling and important). These were books on the panels I chaired and all of the writers were bloody wonderful. More on that later.
  2. My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout. Well, I loved Olive Kitteridge but this book, this book oh. Just amazing.
  3. Gut by Giulia Enders (and various other gut reference books). Like everyone else I am on the gut/digestion bandwagon and boy is my body thankful. I recommend a thousand times if you are struggling with indigestion, reflux, other-end iss-ews, lack of vitality, fatigue, also menopause symptoms, flat mood etc.
  4. Aftermath by Rachel Cusk. I loved her memoir A Life’s Work and so had to follow it up with Aftermath. Even though I struggled with her novel Outline, I have bought Transit (book two in that cycle) and am going to persist because this is a woman whose work I want to read. Simple.) (Also, one of my daughter’s friends has writerly aspirations and Cusk is a friend of her uncle’s or summat and has ‘offered’ to ‘help’ H if she wants. *dies*
  5. Messages from Chaos by Susan Johnson. This is Susan’s first novel and I spent a day in bed with it over Chrissy and loved it.
  6. Pond by Claire Louise Bennett. I was gripped in the first half and then somehow was let go.

I am now in the middle of Jane Rawson’s FROM THE WRECK and I want to say it should be called FROM THE GENIUS AND ENORMOUS BRAIN OF RAWSON – more on that when I’ve finished. And I put THE NIX to the side to read Jane’s novel but will go back to it once finished because it is good and I am up to chapter 4 which is hilarious – scene of university professor confronting student about her plagiarised essay. Big LOLs. Written by Nathan Hill who I thought was Liam Pieper in Perth and sat next to on the bus to introduce myself, and then ensued some sort of parlour comedy across the three days with me cast as the Woman Getting it Wrong – dithering on the outside but sharp’ish on the inside – with me confessing to Pieper what had happened and him being flattered that I’d mistaken him for Hill, and a slightly awkward moment in hotel lift with me and Hill, and then Hill tweeting at me ‘sincerely, Liam’ and all jolly hijinx and this is why being alive is just such fun.