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Reading (future)

  1. Eleanor Catton’s new novel (described as a pre-apocalyptic drama set in New Zealand) – I just love the way she is refusing to settle into a groove.
  2. Michelle de Kretser’s new novel (got the scoop on it last week; it sounds like a RIPPER)
  3. The Helen Garner biography It’s the only biography of her, yes?

What are you looking forward to? I know I’ve missed a few but am doing this off the top of my head…

Reading (now)

At the moment I’m reading The Whites, which is interesting. Has anyone read it? It’s crimey, detectivey and kind of weird. People were raving about it last year, but I’m not sure what I think.

I have 8 novels I borrowed from the library – am trying to buy less after quite a large cull – and I don’t think I’ve finished one of them. Will be returning them soon. Glad they are borrowed not bought.

Am also reading Hamlet for the first time, and circling War & Peace. Will let you know how I go. My reading is so scattered these days (see previous par).

The weather

Oh what is this icy windy rainy horror? We were out walking yesterday and because we’ve moved and are in new terrain we got stuck out, in a hailing downpour, far from home (50 minutes walk back my phone told me). There was no shelter either apart from some pathetic trees so we walked through it to get home sodden.


I’m doing my second structural edit for my second novel that will be out next year (first half, apparently). It’s such HARD work, holding so many things together at once, while making changes, while trying to work out best solutions while feeling like you’re going around in circles. Hard but exhilarating at the same time. But after 8+ years I really do want to get this off my desk and out into the world. Ready to move on. NEXT!